Welcome to Sacred Funk!!

Yoga means to yoke or union. Sacred funk symbolizes the union of ones autonomy and a greater truth which we hold to be sacred.

My intention is to facilitate the exploration of each individual’s journey, by sharing what I’ve learned, so far, along my path.


Not to be confused with our NEW studio! This section offers information and inspiration to benefit your lifestyle and practice. Daily updates, Photo gallery, my Blog... Check back often !!!
The Breathing Room’s schedule as well as class descriptions, package information and details about our studio.... THE BREATHING ROOM (studio) IS CURRENTLY CLOSED, ASHLEYS TEACHING SCHEDULE HOWEVER IS STILL LISTED IN  "THE CASS ROOM",  THANK YOU.
Let me take the labor out of your delivery! Prenatal yoga, doula services, and Sacred Funk’s personal maternity concierge.
We offer hand selected items that I hope will benefit your practice and assist your yoga path. All items can be purchased through our site or at our studio.

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Welcome To Sacred Funk